The GogoTray

$24.99 $29.95

We’ve all juggled plates and bowls when eating away from a dining table. Whether we’re on-the-go in the car, relaxing on the sofa watching TV, or nibbling on a snack in bed… away from the table eating is sloppy. Food and drinks spill, dishes slide or containers are left scattered about.

It’s a mess!

That’s why we’ve developed the GogoTray. The all-in-one food tray with deep, molded-in bowls. The Gogotray eliminates the need for separate dishes or containers when eating on-the-go. It’s pillowed lap base makes the tray comfortable to use, stable and tidy. With the GogoTray you can welcome a no-mess mealtime.

Clean up is easy too. No more separate bowls or dishes to spill from, break or wash. Simply detach the water-resistant pillow to wipe clean, toss the tray top and lid in the dishwasher, and mealtime is done!

Make it a simpler day… get your GogoTray and go!

*Microwave safe tray top and lid.

*The laminated, water resistant lap cushion base raises the tray top to a comfortable eating height, making this a portable dining table.

*A mobile device recess holds a phone or tablet for hands-free viewing while you eat.

*Utensil straps and a cup holder allow you to carry everything you need right on the GogoTray.

*The flush lid prevents foods from spilling out and makes for a solid worktop when mealtime is done.

*Ideal for eating in bed, on the sofa, in a car or wherever you may go!